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Why the Copyright?

Simply... the copyright © is given to protect the work of the artists from those who decide to reproduce and/or republish the photo's for commercial gain. The copyright serves no valuable purpose for myself personally, as this site is free of charge and open to all visitors. In fact, this site makes no attempt at preventing the copying of images, such as 'right click' or 'Java script'. Such programs aid greatly to reduce the possibility at reproducing photo's. Simply put.... those who practice such behavior are nothing more than thieves, stealing from other peoples hard work and effort. The copyright proves to be valuable if a case can be made for illegal usage of another persons material without their knowledge or approval.

It is nearly impossible to prevent "copying of images" on the world wide web. And so, it should be understood that most websites that make the effort at providing artistic material for the world to consider, that the visitors "relative information" is easily accessible. This should be fair warning to those who "think" that no one knows what they have done by copying material and placing it on their websites without notification. Common courtesy is the thought here! In fact, it is more likely that those who make their hobby (such as myself) available for the benefit of others, involving time and effort, because of the admiration of the artists work, certainly know where these images were taken, where they go, how they are placed, times, dates, etc, etc.

This site would give permission to use any materials provided, as long as a token of appreciation is shown in return, such as a referring link, an email, etc.. I do link various artist's with relevant information that can be found concerning them, whether it be personal websites, location of their work on other websites, etc... It is my standard practice to give "credit where credit is due". If you are an artist and I have taken a picture of your work, chances are quite good that I have sought your name and placed links of your information. After all, that is what this site is all about - sharing the artists work with the world, free of charge, and hopefully, putting Kansas City on the "graffiti map".....

If you want to copy any materials provided on this website, permission is freely granted as long as you notify me of your intentions and place a referring link back to this site, thus promoting Blogger.com as well! This is a reasonable request and should be considered "the right thing to do". After all, the work and subsequent credit belongs to the artists, as I am merely an admirer of their work who takes pride and pleasure in finding it, and sharing it with the rest of the world.

thejedshed - owner - Kansas City Paint

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